Real Assets offers comprehensive property management services to commercial property owners. Our professional management staff provides resourceful and cost effective facility solutions.  We are agile, attentive and responsive to tenant needs.  We are large enough to draw on broad experience and economies of scale yet small enough to provide personalized and customized solutions.  We provide diverse services, from management to construction, through which we build strong and responsive relationships with our clients.

Our suite of resources combine to provide superior results in managing facilities, tenants, finances and vacancies:

Facilities - The following services address building stewardship and maintenance:

Timely response to tenant service calls

Routine, preventive maintenance professionally performed

Semi annual scheduled property inspections

Monitoring vendor performance and review of vendor invoices to ensure effectiveness

Bid solicitation and contract management of cleaning, sweeping, landscaping, security, window washing, and trash removal

Communication of all significant issues to property owners

Tenant Relations - The following services address developing good working relationships with a building’s tenants:

Responding quickly and attentively to meet tenant requests and expectations

Visiting property and being available for tenants preemptively

Sending late notices and initiating collections as necessary

Working with owners if litigation or settlements become necessary

Monitoring tenant signage and ensuring compliance with building rules

Ensuring tenant insurance is effective at all times, as required

Developing property image enhancement ideas designed to increase occupancy

Accounting and Reporting - The following services address the financial activities related to effective commercial property management:

Providing comprehensive monthly financial reports to property owners

Establishing and invoicing annual CAM charges to tenants and billing monthly

Generating and processing monthly rent invoices

Developing an annual operating budget and monitoring variances

Reconciling bank statements

Maintaining books in a format always available and accurate for owner review or audit


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